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Boomerang Side Car Owners


Would any of you be willing to help me try to determine the MIDI SysEx protocol used by the Side Car to control the Boomerang III? It would open up the ability to emulate and combine sidecar functions with buttons/functions on other gear, software programs, etc. All you'd need is a computer with a MIDI interface and about a half hour or so of your time. At this point there appears to be no Boomerang Music Company, so that avenue has been a dead end. I have no commercial interest in this. I personally need sidecar functionality, but there is zero room for a sidecar on my custom pedalboard. I need to map those functions to my exisiting arduino-based multi-purpose midi footswitches. If I could find a reasonably priced Side Car, I'd buy it and not bother anybody, but I'm kind of desperate. I love my 'rang III. I need the 4th loop, but I can't give up Erase, Undo, or Overdub. So if this doesn't work, I'll have to go to a s/w looper of some kind with a proper MIDI implementation.

Thanks for reading.