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online musical event invitation

Hello fellow loopers,

Creative Musicians Coalition is announcing a "new adventure in independent
music, 'Hear The Hits, Before They Chart'." My personal musical aesthetics
tend towards the idea that "hits" happen in a world of disposable music (as
Elton John once described pop).  I prefer music that has something
resembling a "shelf life."  But CMC is a good organization with a lot of
good artists (whether or not that includes me is a matter of opinion ;) ),
so I'll look past this business about "hits" and invite you to the

Rather than clog the list with the invitational message, please see:

To cut right to the chase:  for a one-time email invitation to the event,
send an email message to aimcmc@pan.com with "HEARHITS" in the subject.
CMC promises not to send you any other email or give your address to 

Thanks for reading this.


 Doug Wyatt                             doug@sonosphere.com
  Sonosphere (electric/improv music)     http://www.sonosphere.com/
   "Accidental Beauties" CD release:      http://www.sonosphere.com/wyatt/
     available from CMC, 1-800-882-4262     http://www.aimcmc.com/