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Warning: Equipment related Post...

> From: chris lamb <keithchegwin@hotmail.com>
> >Hello,
> >
> >I've been on this list for a bout 2 weeks not and I hate to admit it, 
> but =
> >I have no idea what you guys are talking about most of the time.  I =
> >subscribed thinking this was a list about looping techniques, which I =
> >guess it is, but it seems like most people are using more experimental 

yeah, chris...it gets pretty bogged down sometimes....

how bout some pre-loop gear talk...

- i had a bad case of GAS (gear acquistion syndrome, newbies) this weekend
- needed to shrink my snakepit of pedals/cords for an upcoming tour* - at a
local music store sale - i grabbed the KORG Ax300G... WOW..very cool device
- anyone have experience on this or the AX30G ??? there's a link from the
digital guitar site for progs etc for the ax30G..

very, Very good sounds, well mapped out, tons (too many)  possibilities.
They thought of it all, exp pedal input, tap tempo delay, tuner, very
flexible effect chain possibilities, great tubey overdrive sounds, STEREO
effects (all the time based stuff, pitch shift, etc), headphone jack (it's
a free hotel room rockman !!!)  - some of the more bizarre sounds involve
the very COOL Oscillator (!*^!*%*%!!!!) that they threw in - you can solo
over weird synth ostinatos.... and only $170 ...

i remember when the original came out - but don't remember any reviews per
se - i guess we're swamped by this genre - the multi FX pedal.

And - i'm set up in 60 sec !!! I'm in love...

gonna try some loops with it tonite....

any thoughts/suggestions on this device??

In brief - a great, pre-loop tone monster - anything from classic &
contempo sounds to complete bizarro hendrix-on-neptune stuff! In fact - i
can get a ton of the basic vortex sounds ......



* the tour in question is my zappa tribute band --- if you care and are
between Burlington VT and Alexandria VA check out the dates on our site..
we'll be touring with 10-year Zappa vocalist/guitarist Ike Willis  go to >>