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Re: web music

I'll be concise ....

RealAudio is IMHO the best at this time, its compression is good (a
5-minute, 45mb wav gets compressed to 650kb or so), and the sound
quality is some of the best out there.

Most importantly, the Encoder is a free download.  Other audio file
compression methods require the producer (you) to pay big bucks
upfront for encoders or editors, and their file structure is
proprietary as a result.  With RA, people won't have to in most cases
go through hoops or buy something to listen to your work.

Examples can be found at http://members.xoom.com/earthlight and
http://www.earthlight.net/Studios - both of the short ActiveX-plugin
method and the .ra/.ram click to play method.

As to the "How", an RA file is the result of the Real Encoder's work
on your WAV file.  It would be on your web space, along with the HTML
and RAM file.  The RAM file is only a text file, containing the full
URL of the RA file.  Your server doesn't have to support RA to do
this, either.

Stephen Goodman  * It's... The Loop Of The Week (this week, Phil
EarthLight Studios    * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios

>Since I'm going to set up my WWW pages (time permitting) I'd like to
>what's the best method to put audio on the net.
>I' m thinking mostly to real audio... any experience to share?
>Where do you find the .wav to .ra (.ram??? what's the difference?)
>How much is the quality loss?
>Any info is welcome.