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Boomerang and JamMan regen discussion...

     A slight correction about JamMan and regeneration or fade...
     The JamMan in Loop mode only has three fade values. Long, medium and 
     short. These are definitely crude, but still get the job done when 
     you've anticipated their limitations.
     The JamMan in Delay mode has 16 regen levels. If you're looking for 
     smoother decay of loops these levels, while there are only 16, are 
     much smoother sounding. MIDI control of these values with PGM Chg's 
     give foot control over the decay. 
     Adding a volume pedal at the input of the Jammer allows you to kill 
     input to the unit and still play over the loop. (If you're using it 
     an aux send.)
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Subject: Re: Fw: boomerang idea
Author:  Kim Flint <kflint@annihilist.com> at INTERNET
Date:    6/5/98 10:59 AM

Yeah! this is the idea of using feedback as a way to evolve loops, that we
were discussing a couple of weeks ago. (and many times before, actually.)
The limitation with the boomerang and jamman on this is that you can't set
the feedback anywhere you want. You're stuck with the one setting of the
boomerang or three (?) on the jamman. Traditional delays always have a knob
that lets you set feedback to any level, dynamically. It's a very creative
tool for looping. I'm always a bit suprised that many of the newer phrase
sampler things don't have it at all.

(having that feature was one of the most important things to Matthias when
he first designed the echoplex, because he considers it essential for loop
based music. He had developed his looping music originally using delays
like tc2290 and pcm-42, where this feedback and hold feature was