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Suggestions Anyone?

Hi there folks!

Some weeks ago, it was suggested via this list that I perhaps consider
a late musician who had been an early performer on the Theremin (sp?).

If I can get information on this person I've still time to put her
name / bio on a Loop Of The Week - also, in case anyone else has
ideas, here are my main criteria-in-progress:

    * No political people or partisans of a political nature.
    * Preferences would of course be in the musician-artist genre.
    * The person should be or was doing something worthwhile
    * The dedication should be able to easily accentuate the positive
and hopeful within us.

So it goes that "No Suicides" is an unfortunate rule, but there it is.
Someone had recommended Wendy O. Williams, who sadly left us
voluntarily last March, with the assistance of a pistol.  While I have
to admit that it might have been interesting to say, "We'll never see
a woman in a prison film quite like her again," it's just not up this
particular niche.  I leave the hopeless to the media, which tend to
suck this stuff up like water.  In the face of famous suicide, I would
try especially hard to find someone who enabled or expressed Hope

Email replies only, of course.  sgoodman@earthlight.net - :)