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Rang decay & a random question

Hi gang,
  Just thought I'd through this two cents in. The next software release,
which will be compatible with all Rangs, will have 5 decay rates: no
decay or infinite hold and 4 others, ranging from the current rather
slight decay to more rapid decay rates. Hopefully we will have this
ready in about 2 months.
  I agree with whoever said that a continuously variable knob or pedal
to control decay rate would be very cool on a looper.
  And now the random question. Anyone know of a good place on the net to
find lyrics to old tunes? I'm looking for the words to a late 50's/early
60's tune called "Sea Cruise". Oo-wee, baby.

All the best,

Mike Nelson (a.k.a. Motley)

Boomerang Musical Products
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Dallas, TX 75354-1595

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