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Re: SV: Boomerang and JamMan regen discussion...

     Hi Thomas!
     I'll get out the trusty manual and see which PGM Chg messages invoke 
     the 3 various fade levels in loop mode, and also look up the PGM 
     needed to access the various decay levels in Delay mode...

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Subject: SV: Boomerang and JamMan regen discussion...
Author:  "Woehni" <hovard@online.no> at INTERNET
Date:    6/6/98 1:44 AM

Mr Biffle wrote:

>     A slight correction about JamMan and regeneration or fade...
>     The JamMan in Loop mode only has three fade values. Long, medium and 
>     short. These are definitely crude, but still get the job done when 
>     you've anticipated their limitations.

Hi all , I have had my jamman for almost 6 months and I didnt even know 
EXISTED fade values!!  This list is a lifesaver!  Now , all i need to know 
how do I set the fade values on the Jamman?

PS.  I`ve been having troubles balancing the input volumes when I put the 
in the eff. Loop on my ampifier.  Any help on how to do that??

PS. Numero dos:   I promise I`m gonna read the manual , one of these
days......(I swear to god , that lil` pocket sized lex manual has got a 
me , man!! The other day it made a pass on my girlfriend , and it snores ,
too!!! )

Yours , Thomas W