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Re: Weird old program

>Hey, if you find it, let me know (or post it to the list!). 
>I found (doing a search for "text to speech") a program in shareware 
>that did
>just that - I can't remember the name of the program, but I picked one 
>random from America Online's software library, and I had a few to 
>choose from.
>It's not bad - about 300k - if you don't find the one you're looking 
>for, let
>me know and I'll send you this one. 

Thanks, that was a good idea.  I downloaded 2, WinSpeech and VM, but they
both don't seem to work all that well.  If you weren't looking at the
text on the screen, you probably couldn't understand all the words.  The
SB one worked much better, and it had more character.  And yeah, to the
person who brought it up, I think it was the Radiohead CD that reminded
me of it.  That sounds almost exactly like the SB one.

I'm going to go look on the Creative web site for it now.


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