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Re: Weird old program (dr SBAITSO!)

(I joined this list yesterday. Don't blame me -yet- for being off-topic)

The program Andy mentiones is called dr. Sbaitso, which came with the 8-bit
Soundblaster Pro sound card. The progam works fine on my Soundblaster 64 
it's as much fun getting him to squeak "I might get parity error if you 
on talking like this" as it was back then.

Also included was a program called SBTALK, which could "read" an 
I remember having it read my autoexec.bat... Being hilarious was easy in
those days (1973 or so, wasn't it?) You might also remember the 
blue parrot that laughed in a user-defined pitch whenever you hit a key. I
bet Creative Labs has the three of them lying aroud somewhere.

"Memory contents will be wiped off after you leave",


Andy Y Chu wrote:

> Since people have been discussing using shortwave radio for weird sounds,
> it jogged my memory of this weird old program I used to have.  Everyone
> remember the old 8-bit SoundBlaster?  I recall it came with this weird
> program that was a sort of "therapist" -- you would type in stuff and it
> would try to respond.  It was very crude, but the good thing about it is
> that it would say (through the speaker) whatever you wanted it to say.
> You could just type "say blah blah blah" and it would say it, albeit in
> this weird robotic voice.  It was called Doctor something... Anyway that
> was an amusing little program, and I was searching around for it, but to
> no avail.  Anyone still have it?  Anyone even remember what I'm talking
> about?  This was at least 4 years ago.