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Re: Folk/Celtic Looping

>I recall hearing a few things on this subject occasionally from some of 
>our brothers in the U.K.  I'm interested because I've just finished an
album of 
>traditional Scottish/Irish/English music that includes some looping, as
well as 
>traditional Folk instruments, etc.  What is going on in the Folk scene
over there? 
>Here in Canada no one's doing the Folk (we call it "Celtic") looping 

We call it Celtic here too!  Though Folk is sometimes used, the Scots and
Irish use the phrase Celtic to distance themselves from the English.  Must
be all that Morris dancing...

I'm really not aware of any Celtic loopers per se.  There is a big
techno/Celtic crossover movement - Shooglenifty, Afro Celt Sound System,
Peatbog Faeries, etcetc - Shooglenifty describe themselves as "Acid Croft"
(a croft is a traditionan farm - er  - house).  But I don't know of anybody
actually looping.

A lot of Celtic music uses one band member to repeat a figure over and over
whilst the others make the tune around it; it's often struck me that the
music IS amenable to looping, I just don't know of anyone doing it. 

For the record, I play in a Ceilidh (Scottish dance) band, but don't loop
(the badleader frowns on such things).  I loop but don't play Celtic stuff,
though I do put Celtic-styled bits in.  I'm still immersing myself in it,
having not long moved here from Wales.


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