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Re: "unsubscribe"

At 11:21 AM 6/10/98 +0100, tdbajus wrote:
>Are you sure that you aren't pulling some kind of prank?  I've been on 
>list for about a year (!) and there has never been such a bombardment of

beleive me, I don't have the time....

>Doug Adams said something like this once:
>Human intellegence is a constant but the population is growing....

The real problem is that the population of the internet is growing
incredibly fast, and there are so many new people who don't know anything
about the traditions and culture of the net or how any of this stuff works.
That's ok, everyone has to start somewhere and beginner's mistakes are
forgivable. The problem is that there are always some number of people who
don't bother to learn about the society they just walked into, and think
it's ok to act like a total asshole to people they encounter there. Since
all the population is growing, the asshole population is growing too.
(unfortunately, assholes are not a constant...)  What you see on the list 
only a fraction of what I experience behind the scenes, which might explain
my general moodiness and bad temper.

We are definitely not alone in experiencing this sort of thing. In fact, we
have it much better than most, since a list like this generally tends to
attract more sophisticated (or at least polite...) users. My girlfriend 
one of the tori amos lists on the net, and you should see the crap she has
to put up with. If that's the future, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

(although, after the various recent public floggings, the number of people
screwing up has dropped to 0 in the past few days. Maybe fear is the right
approach after all, eh? ;-)