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Re: Bassline CDs

Have you never heard of the excellent Time + Space?  They're a UK company
that have been selling license free samples since the Atari ST was heralded
as an excellent composition tool.

They've recently released a new batch of samples called the "Creative
Essentials" CDs.  You get around 200 - 500 samples per CD for only 19.95.
The quality of the samples is top notch - I've bought "Trance Formation" 
"House and Garage Construction".  There's one in the series called "Killer
Bass Grooves" which should meet your needs.

You can call Time + Space on 01837 84 11 00, or look at the Web Site:


Steve Lauder

Ask for a catalogue - there's at least one CD for every music style you can
think of!
-----Original Message-----
From: Ciloc Gee <ciloc@vvm.com>
To: N <ntrembat@OCF.Berkeley.EDU>
Cc: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: 10 June 1998 18:12
Subject: Re: Bassline CDs

>N wrote:
>> It strikes me as bizarre that someone could justify selling the
>> creative work of another.
>> Neal
>> On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Ciloc Gee wrote:
>> > Anyone point me to a site to get bassline (real bass, not analog) 
>> > on cd-a or cdrom? I need license-free samples.
>> >
>> > Ciloc
>> >
>> >
>Again, I am looking for license-free samples. In that case, the artist
>who is offering the samples is not looking for any payment other than
>the initial fee for the CD itself. Why would the work be unrecouped if I
>have paid for the cd which is has had a price set by the artist in the
>first place?