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Re: tuning

In a message dated 98-06-11 15:29:47 EDT, collinsclan@sprintmail.com 

<< You simply cannot keep a
 piano, guitar or any other string instrument in a perfect tuning. >>

Just a thought, to stir the pot.... since any tuning system is an arbitrary
system, and the music which comes of it is the end result, why be concerned
with finding a "perfect" tuning? 

I freaked out when I read an interview with Mike Watt of the Minutemen... 
and D. Boon got instruments, and were not even aware that there was a
"standard" tuning, much less that the bass "a" string should be tuned an
octave lower than the guitar's "a" string, so consequently they were in two
seperate, abstract tunings... yet the music that came out is brilliant, and
still stands up today, 14-18 years after it was recorded. 

like I said, just a thought... I'm trying to get my head beyond "the 
tuning" or the perfect guitar or the means, and just open myself a bit 
more to
the ends...

- Bill