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Re: angry reply :-) Buzz Feiten tuning system.

>And (in a desperate attempt to make this of more interest to 
>non-guitarists while still conceding a total lack of looping references), 
>your average synthesizer isn't so in-tune either.  I remember Donald 
>Fagen ranting on about how sickingly out-of-tune he found all 
>synthesizers (perhaps he also heard some "serious flaws" in the design), 
>how nigh-on unusable they were, etc, etc.  

Hmm, did he mention specifically what was wrong with the -Sounds- "most
synths" fail in?  Wouldn't happen to be a compression, or noise issue? 

Mjh  (off topic, it's terrible, but you know some things..  It will not
happen again or I will unsuskribee)