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Not so angry reply :-) Buzz Feiten tuning system.

 Hi all , a thought just occured to me. Maybe you all are right when you
advise to be cautious of
Mr. Feiten`s "revolution". Maybe he is a a good businessman , on top of
beeing an inventor. Maybe he isn`t  an inventor at all?

I guess I got carried away in all my youthfull naivety. Thank you for
bringing reality to my attention. 

Now , if you`ll exuse me , I may or may not have won a price if I just open
this envelope I got in the mail. Who knows , maybe it`s my lucky day??? 

Yours truly , Thomas W

PS. In Norwegian , the word "feiten" means "fatso" , or "really fat guy". 
Maybe that should have been 
my wake-up call??