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Re: Is the new EDP more than just a software update?


Kim would be the expert with this topic, but I have some experience
with older/newer EDP so here is my $.02.

$500 USD for a full memory EDP with footpedal sounds very good to me.  

I own an older (96) and a newer EDP (98).  I collected some
information from Oberheim, and from Kim regarding production changes
that have occurred on Echoplex.  As far as I can tell, you can upgrade
an Older EDP to be functionally equivalent to the New EDP.  Several
changes are documented on the Loopers Delight Web site, I believe
under EDP FAQ.  Here are some more notes I got from Kim (the comments
are his):
>1. R21 - 330k 5% 1/4w CF.
>2. R20 - 330k 5% 1/4w CF.
        This is in the limiter circuit. I wouldn't bother with this,
it won't make much difference.
>3. R7 - 75k 5% 1/4w CF.
        changes clipping indication on input LED, good idea to change,
but not very important
>4. R62 - 10k 5% 1/4w CF.
        this is correct. allows BrotherSync to work with many more
units than before.
>5. R75 - 820 ohm 5% 1/4w CF.
        correct, optimizes a delay time
>5. C25 - R 100 ohm 5% 1/4w CF.
>6  C26 - R 100 ohm 5% 1/4w CF.
        This affects the limiter circuit which never worked very well.
 I would leave it alone. If you really want the digital input limiter
working better, I have a better fix  for it. It's harder to do and
requires tacking a resistor on the bottom. I think it's easier to just
set the input gain so that you don't clip....
>7. R13 - R14 - 47.5k 10% 1/4w MF
        This widens the range of the trimpot adjustment. Don't do this
one, since you would then have to readjust the trim pot. If you really
want to do that, I could explain it to you.
>8. Both Pals upgrade with new equations
        fixes timing problem that sometimes caused weird display and
other problems on a small number of units.
>9. Cut Pin 5 of U12 ADC0804CN
        important, fixes heat problem
In checking my 96 EDP I found all the resistor upgrades were present,
except R75, which I changed.  I had gotten PALS from Oberheim (during
my warranty period), which I changed.  I bought the Ver 5.00 Eproms,
and installed them.  

You can open the EDP and visually inspect the resistor locations for
the values, and for the cut leg on the ADC.

I would not recommend changing resistors in the EDP yourself, unless
you feel completely competent changing through hole resistors on a
PCBA, and know how to protect static sensitive devices.  You might
find a GOOD technician, or ask Oberheim if they would make the needed
changes (for $ of course).
As is apparent from Kim's comments, some changes are more _important_
to performance than others.  Some may be irrelevant to you (like
brother sync).  The Firmware upgrade (EPROMS) to Ver 5.00 is a high
priority, in my opinion.


---eric potter <babycat@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trolling for an EDP. One option is a used one with full memory
> foot controller for $500. Figure in $45 for new software, not a bad 
> deal, right?
> But I'm wondering if there is more to the latest EDP bought new than 
> just the software update (which, don't get me wrong, is a fantastic 
> improvement) Were there changes to the hardware or controls, etc.
> Am I missing out by not buying the new box?
> thanks all,
> -eric
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