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- most jazz guitar players just turn the treble practically off to avoid
crashing into the "stretch".

- aside from that it's just hand-EAR coordination . .  . not something
one THINKS about, any more than the hand-EYE coordination needed to even
pick up the instrument.

- I did a record with Henry Kaiser a while back ("Re- Marrying For
Money" - Henry Kaiser SST: cat# 222), and after the first run-thru I
told him that it was really strange that I had to bend every note to
stay even in "ballpark" tune . . . he didn't crack at all and we did the

- years later he told me that track was in "just", (i think it was),

- the name of the cut is "The Set-up" and i've wondered since whether
that title was in reference to the guitar tuning or to me. 


btw - i was playing my vintage tele, which isn't the most forgiving
re/high-end clashes, so there's a whole lotta bending going on.