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Re: Advice on Volume Pedal

andre wrote:

> i have a couple boss ones, but it really pissed me off last nite - slidng
> around the floor at a gig!!!
> they are cool - but a lillt lite.
> peace

Velcro and somethin like a spker cabinet "shag carpet" wrapped around a
plywood plaque is a good solution for the floor slippage.

I'm all Zoom in my setup  ( which is feather lite stuff ) and I had to 
to that technique to hold my gear in 1 secure place.

Its a scary thing seeing your setup slip away from u when ya got ya flow 

This sounds hilarious in hindsight but at 1 time I had my gear slide away
from me during a show in which I was doin some mad - crazy loopin. All of a
sudden the gear was crawling away with a life of its own. I was sitting dwn
and playing and sliding around the stage with my gear in tow. It was a 
to see but definetely not an experience I'd ever wanna repeat. I felt
relieved and embarrasses to know that people thought it was part of the 

Velcro has made me feel a lot more secure these days.