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Re: Re: loopmarketing and LOOPRADIO

Dear fellow LooperDelighters:

The LoOpdOctOrs are in a state of trauma over the recent posts noting the
overwhelming numbers of new recordings being released, new labels being
created, and retail record outlets being closed.  In their tone of 
desperation and lemming like inevitability, these posts are collectively a
prozac moment gone bezerk.

That said, it strikes us that the supporters of LooperDelight, and 
of the energetic, creative and intelligent input being fostered here take 
giant step in lateral thinking and rexamine the idea of "distribution."

What about this...a dedicated internet broadcasting station attached to
LoopersDelight and promulgating loop based music 24 hours a day? Anybody
anywhere on the net could tune in, swim around, and loop out.  

We have no idea if this is an impractical idea, but we always admired 
radio in the sities...starting from about age nine when we heard Wolfman 
doing his thing in the aether regions.  It's the panache you know...the
underground, wild assed, in-the-know and clandestine nature of these
enterprizes that give them part of their attraction.  

So what about it?  LoopersDelight as the fount for the most notorious hit 
run musical experience on the net?   And the play list is a no brainer -- 
start with the LoopersDelight CD projects and put them into rotation.  

Remember, if we loop them, they will hummmmm....

The LoOpdOctOrs