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Re: Desktop Loopaz

At 09.29 23/06/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi all.
>Just wondering if anyone on this list was into "Desktop music"?  

Hi Steve

my current playing gear is not only my bass, my Stick, Jamman, Vortex and
FXs, but my P233 too.
I find the PC to be a perfect composition tool using the right software. 
trying to integrate my looping lines (played in real time, with jamman and
other delay units) with my samplings and sequences programmer chops.

I own a 64 Gold too but I think it's not so good for HD recording. I
recently bought an Event Gina sound card and I'm really happy with. 

Main progs: Cubase VST, Sonic FOundry Acid and a lot of other little
softwares found on the Net.