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Re: drum machines

On Wed, 24 Jun 1998, scott kungha drengsen wrote:
> I'm thinking about adding some live(midi)drums to my solo looped
> bass performances.Does anyone have any favorites or suggestions?

I'm real late in replying to this but there is an incredible web page
dedicated to the live electronic drummer. Pics, info,and profiles on
Edrummers as well as gear and such:

(NOTE: The URL just recently moved so this is the correct one)

not sure if there's anying on looping but they do have some info on a guy
named Bruford i think... :)

personally I like to make percussion sounds with the bass itself (String
scrapes, pops, slaps) when doing a solo bass show. An obie EP or even a
digitech PDS1002 (What I've used) can do wonders with such nonsense. 

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