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Gig Spam [Seattle]: tiktok @ CoffeeMessiah 7/3 8PM

Cognitive Dissidents
Experimental Music every Tuesday
at the Coffee Messiah (1554 E. Olive Way, Capitol
Hill, Seattle WA)
All shows at 8:00pm, all ages, and free

This Tuesday July 3rd
Greg Sinibaldi, Tiktok

Tiktok is the music of Travis Hartnett. He performs
his own beautiful style of soothing guitar ambience in
one, two or four channels. Travis also plays in the
improvisatory quartet Electrochakra and the Steve Ball

Saxophonist and bass clarinetist Greg Sinibaldi is an
improviser and composer currently living in Seattle.
He has performed to critical acclaim in Boston, San
Francisco, and Seattle. 

Blending modern classical music and improvisation, he
has developed a unique and personal style. In a
performance at the Festival at Sandpoint, working with
Gunther Schuller, the Spokane Chronicle writes “If
Tipper Gore could hear this guy play, she’d blush and
slap a Parents Music Resource Center warning label on
his horn”. 


Be seeing you,

Travis Hartnett