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: GIG Alert: Asheville NC/NYC gig

btw the name is magi*cicada

i am also playing a gig in nyc with a few people over in
willimasburg for a new media organization
date for that show is july 12th
here is a sample of my last live gig


live loops as well with tiffany meyers on soaring vocals
see ya guys later
On Sun, 01 Jul 2001 20:16:05 -0400
 "Christopher White" <magicicada@charter.net> wrote:
> this upcoming friday i will be performing a
> waterphone/guitar loop duet at vincet's ear in asheville
> nc-
> lots of drone and dissonance
> christopher white
> come up and say hi
> i will be the guy with the beanie and waterphone
> it will be recorded live to multitrack as well
> thanks
> c.white