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Re: Electrix Levels

  Mark Pulver <mark@redmoon-music.com> wrote:

>Scott Winzinger (01:38 PM 07/02/01) wrote:
> >I was recording with my Filter Queen and noticed a lot of noise.
> >I don't see how there is anyway around it. Any tips?
>What are you feeding the FQ from? In general, keeping the levels hot 
>keeps the noise down. This is true for any effect.

It's true for any piece of gear really!

At each point in the chain, you'd like to have the signal
as hot as you possibly can WITHOUT clipping.

Now, effects units are tricky this way.  The DL4 takes
quite a lot of signal to get it going and not too much
more to overload, for example.

Typically, I end up sending the effects a really loud signal
and then turning the output way down on the board...
but watch our for clipping, it's particularly easy
to clip if you have multiple looped tracks...

Here's the recipe:

Set the effect return/output level way down,
then turn the effect send send/input ALL the way up and try it with 
something loud.

You'll probably get distortion, back off until the distortion
goes away, then back off some more because you'll get louder,

Then use the effect return/output level to set your final effects
level once you have a nice hot signal going through it.

BTW -- if you have a mixing board you should ALWAYS have the
return/output gain of your effects device set to maximum
and lower the level from the board using the trim pots.

You'll get dramatically less noise that way.


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