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Re: PEDAL BOARDS and an OT Velcro glue substitute request

I used to do that, but it's a royal pain when you want to move/remove
something quickly, such as when something goes on the fritz onstage or when
you want to take an effect out to use by itself. The velcro is very easy
and dependable; I use the 2" wide stuff that comes in a long roll. There's
no need for additional glue; the self-adhesive 'hook' strip stays on the
bottom of the pedal very well, although you may have to remove the effect's
feet to get it to sit flat against the board. If your board is carpeted,
you won't even need the 'loop' part of the velcro. Automotive carpet works
well, and you can buy a 3'x6' roll at WalMArt. Attach it to the board with
spray adhesive and staples. You wont even be able to see the staples, but
they work well to keep the carpet from stretching when you're repositioning
a pedal. It's not at all difficult or messy.


At 07:24 AM 7/4/01 EDT, you wrote:
>Most pedals have rubber feet that are attached via screws - just mark,
>use longer srews through pedal baord (counter sink srew heads)?