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Re: delay based looping.

Something I've been having fun with lately is running
my guitar thru one of the delay models (say sweep echo
or reverse delay) on the DL-4 & sending this output
to a Digitech RDS-7.6. Instead of using the Digi's
on board LFO, I hook a JKJ CV-5 to the Digi's cv
The CV-5 is controlled by an ART X-15 midi controller.
I can use the X-15's program change switches to select
LFO waveforms on the CV-5 (random & ramp waves are
& use the cc pedals to control LFO rate & depth.

All feedback knobs are set low. I use the panel
buttons on the Digi to change delay time ranges, which
are more or less constantly being altered by the LFO.
I also use a foot switch to occasionally engage the
repeat hold function on the Digi.

Oh yeah, I run the Digi's outputs to a Vortex (does
anyone else like Bleen B as much as I do?).

The net effect of all this is to provide a constantly
changing wash of sound that reacts to my playing &
in turn requires me to react to it.

It's no Againinator, but I find it to be a rather
comfortable bed for my guitar wanking wet dreams.


--- scott kungha drengsen <kungha@earthlink.net>
> Up till now I've looped w/the EDP and Jamman.I've
> just started looping
> w/a long delay.(manipulating the SEND and FEEDBACK
> parameters on an
> Eventide)
>  Would anyone care to share their insights
> (musical?technical?creative?)
> on these differant approaches ?? 
> Thanks in advance,
> Kungha

John Tidwell

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