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[gig] Tonight in Santa Cruz, Ca: Bass Loop Tour final show

Just wanted to remind all the bay area and central coast Californians 
the final night of the Bass Looping Tour that ends tonight (July 9) in 
Santa Cruz at the Rio Theatre.

Featuring: Michael Manring, Steve Lawson, Rick Walker, Max Valentino and 
the Manring/Walker/Lawson Trio.

I caught the awesome show last night in San Jose.  Packed room, with 
excellent audience reception from a pretty varied crowd.  And talk about 
varied - don't miss Rick's slew of instruments (looped and unlooped, water 
based, plastic based, nose based, toys, ...).

Don't miss tonight's show!

1205 Soquel Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 423-2000

Map (url is probably wrapped, so cut and paste the line back together):