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Re: Klein questions for klein, and guitar players


>routing of the Kleins under the pickguard and that the new instruments
>a lot more 'lively'.  He then said that if I wanted to, I should send him
>instrument and he would do the routing for free because as he

Todd -

Yep,  and it sounds like it's gonna be a great addition, or is that
subtraction to a mighty fine instrument!

Jeremiah -

Funny this thread came up, I just placed my Klein order last week!  When
Lorenzo advised of the ten month wait, I really only thought about backing
out for a second, then I realized that there is nowhere else to get an
instrument of this quality with my specific requests at the price i'm
paying, no matter how long I wait (DeLap is a good thought, but his waiting
list is longer and well i'm not as fond of his instruments, though i've 
tried one of his guitars out). That coupled with having played a few Kleins
and Lorenzo's more than proven track record helped in making the right
decision, at least for me.
I personally do not know ER from a moron with a few Steinberger-type parts
at his disposal. One quick and weird phone conversation a year ago answered
all of my questions as to his trustworthiness.
One last thought, I would highly suggest you check out any instrument (even
a rough version) before you decide on buying same. Trying one type of
luthier's instrument and having someone else tell you he can build it
better, faster and quite possibly for more money with never having tried 
the second luthier's work is, well,...not a very bright idea.

Hope ya get what you desire and can use!