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Re: EDP undocumented feature

>I found a very useful feature for which I couldn't find any documentation
>(either in the manual or on th Loopers Delight site)
>When using NextLoop I found that if SampleMode was
>set to Attack the new loop would always start
>from the begining immediatly (with SwitchQuant set to Confirm or Off).
>This is a feature I very much wanted, although I can see
>why you'd wan't to use the default which is to return to the
>loop "where you left it".
>Well thanks to "whoever" put that in place.

me, you are welcome. In fact it may have been Keith McMillan who 
suggested this.
If you set to STA it also starts at the beginning and does not stop 
at the end of the note as with Att.

I dont think Att depends on SwitchQuant, since its really meant as 
"play samples from keyboard" mode (even attack velocity dependent, if 
you want).

I am amazed that its not documented...


          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org