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OT: tesla questions (gtr)

>dt do tell, how is the tesla,

>were you able to get one outfitted with a transtrem?
currently, i'm using one of the 7-stringers;
my transtrem-fitted 6-string shld arrive, here, within the next week:
(i'll return the 7-string to dr. teuffel, or matte henderson'll buy it--- 
it's an amazing instrument, but i'm not a huge fan of fixed-bridges.....)

>Would you consider it another strange beast in your arsenal
>or is it becoming your "primary" instrument?
my *intention* is for the tesla to become a primary instrument, but:
it's true that i've been playing the klein for a very long time, now.

my tesla has some very particular electronics in it, so that i can begin 
integrate some of my previously 'external' techniques into the instrument, 
itself; eg, there are two feedback microphones built into my tesla, and a 
1/4" input: all are instantaneously & rhythmically switchable.
add'ly, we left (a little) space to add some 'controllers' for my looping 
devices, in the very near future:
integration is a large part of what i'm pursuing.

>Have you had an opportunity to record with same?
indeed! very happily, thus far.
dt / s-c