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Re: relevantirrelevantrelevantirrelevant....

True if you live in DesMoines, but I feel that if you're talking about LA 
NYC or London etc., we've so many members in large cities that it's
justified.  (Okay, I'm justifying an upcoming spam myself...)

David Lee Myers

on 7/10/01 11:49 PM, Mark at sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

> You know, I usually stay quiet in these respects, but I think I have to 
> with the fact that what you're doing is a bit more than letting people 
> about a local show.  You really should just start a private mailing 
>list.  I
> get
> emails from bands telling me of their shows (Crowsong) but I REQUESTED 
> email, and I live close enough to actually go to the show.
> Mark Sottilaro