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Re: Any dj's using loops live? (R. Zvonar)

At 2:18 PM +0000 7/10/01, Brian Parker wrote:

>What are you talking about in that reply? No shit your not a dj. I'm 
>looking for people who mix vinyl or cd's in clubs or raves who add 
>loops to their sets. By definition these types of people are dj's 
>and their auduences DO consider them dj's. dj='disc' jockey.

OK, my young friend, I'll spell it out:

Despite the fact that I'm an old codger who couldn't care less about 
the DJ scene per se, I have been using similar techniques in 
performance since you were in nappies. I try to be generous with my 
knowledge of performance technology, and I thought that despite the 
aesthetic differences between what DJs commonly do and the live 
electroacoustic music created by us old-timers there might be 
something of interest in what I described.

Many of the hipper DJs and techno artists know the history of 
electroacoustic music, and the use this knowledge to enrich their own 
music. For this reason Pierre Henry is revered as the godfather of 

In my experience, creative artists a quick to recognize useful 
concepts and techniques no matter where these may be found. Many of 
the tools used by electronic musicians had their origins in far 
different fields, by at one time or another someone was clever enough 
to realize how something could become useful in a musical context.

In my response to your query I described several specific techniques 
that I have developed for my own work. While some of these may have 
been implemented with equipment that is outside your budget, that 
doesn't mean that they can't be achieved in some form with more 
affordable gear. I also made a point of the fact that I still use 
funky old equipment in combination with this other gear, because some 
of the old stuff has interesting features. Finally, I described a 
technique for wresting some unusual and useful functionality out of 
an otherwise fairly mundane mixer.

Did you take my offering as an opportunity to learn something?  Nope. 
Instead you just reacted to the fact that I'm not a DJ and flamed me 
for it.

BTW - I do know that DJ stands for "Disk Jockey." I used to listen to 
Alan Freed and Murray the K.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202