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Re: Any dj's using loops live (The Rest Of You Can...)

At 12:59 AM 7/11/2001, glenn wrote:
>Okay so nobody responded to my request for info on if there's a looping 
>VST plug-in with a midi-sustain pedal triggered sampling/recording. I 
>fully understand the notion of the ideal move being out of the computer 
>and into the

Everyone's idea of ideal is different.  There's more than one person on 
list that prefers looping on their computers rather than outboard gear.

>live realm. I'm down with that, just too broke right now to pay attenion, 
>much less spring for a jam man, so is it that no such plug in exists or 
>this unspoken passive aggressive social conditioning? (given what i've 
>walked into

No passive aggression in this case I don't think - just that there isn't 
much point for everyone to respond "Not that I'm aware of" instead someone 
responding "try xyz" :)

I'm not familiar with VST plug-ins so can't point you in any directions.