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Re: Any dj's using loops live

Re: Any dj's using loops live (The Rest Of You Can...)Hi Glenn,
There are numerous VST plugins that will allow to delay/regenerate your
sound. I used to use a program called AudioMulch live in conjunction with
these and I have to say there were very few problems. In fact I never had a
crash live using this configuration!
AudioMulch will interpret your sustain pedal as a trigger for 1 sample.
Getting it to move on may be more problemattical though there is a 
built in to it now that allows sequencing of just about all variables. Why
not download AudioMulch and take it from there.

Gareth, (still don't know what Bleen is, though I found a poem called the
people of Bleen)

>Okay so nobody responded to my request for info on if there's a looping 
plug-in with a midi-sustain >pedal triggered sampling/recording. I fully
understand the notion of the ideal move being out of the >computer and into
the live realm. I'm down with that, just too broke right now to pay
attenion, much less >spring for a jam man, so is it that no such plug in
exists or is this unspoken passive aggressive social >conditioning? (given
what i've walked into seeing here I'm sure that question is