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RE: Any dj's using loops live (The Rest Of You Can...)

Title: RE: Any dj's using loops live (The Rest Of You Can...)
Very interesting stuff coming up, Richard. I am fortunate I did get to hear at least a little bit of your stuff at the LA Loop Feste. Liked what I heard, just was too much going on - including talking to you, since we sat next to each other - to fully appreciate.
Anyway, Vermont is a little far to go, but the Newport Beach thing looks kinda interesting... Can you tell me more about what happens at the Eclectic Orange Festival? I've got to entice my girlfriend after all. :-) You can respond personally and off the list if this is too far off topic.
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From: Richard Zvonar [mailto:zvonar@zvonar.com]
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 12:16 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: RE: Any dj's using loops live (The Rest Of You Can...)

At 9:31 PM -0700 7/10/01, Kevin Mulvihill wrote:
Heck, Richard, after reading your post, I'd be interested in going to see you play sometime! Send me a gig spam email when the next performance comes up.

The only things coming up are the Ought-One Festival August 25-26, 2001 in Plainfield, Vermont and the Eclectic Orange Festival at the at the Orange County Art Museum in Newport Beach, October 6-29.

The piece for Ought-One will be an 8-channel tape piece made up entirely of the sounds of frogs and crickets. The piece for Electric Orange will be a short piece for nine MIDI-controlled toy pianos, part of an installation by the sound artist Trimpin. A group of composers are writing 2-minute pieces for this, and an audience member will be able to select one of the pieces by putting a quarter into the slot of a "jukebox". At the end of the month we all get to keep the quarters.

No looping in either piece, I'm afraid.

Richard Zvonar, PhD      
(818) 788-2202