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Roland CDX-1 DiscLab

I ran into this piece of gear yesterday on Roland's website ... it seems
pretty interesting ... the phrase "sequence loops" caught my eye. It seems
to be something like an SP-303 or SP808EX combined with a VS series
multitrack recorder. Has anybody checked this unit out?


The CDX-1 DiscLab is a totally new type of flexible audio workstation: part
digital multitrack recorder, part phrase sampler, part CD burner. Its
innovative design lets you sample and sequence loops, record multitrack
performances, or use both methods simultaneously. Then just add effects, 
burn it all to recordable CDs. Thereıs never been a quicker or more
convenient way to get your music to CD.
-  Tabletop workstation which combines phrase sampling, multitrack
recording, mixing and mastering directly to built-in recordable CD drive-a
worldıs first
- Digital multitrack recorder section can record 2 tracks simultaneously to
onboard CD-RW, 8 tracks total
- Load or sample audio phrases on built-in Sample Pads
- Create music with samples and multitrack recording simultaneously
- Onboard phrase sample tools provide easy waveform editing, high-quality
time-stretching, BPM syncing, and more
- Phrase Sequencer and Rhythm Guide/Drum Machine allows quick sample
sequencing and song construction
- 2 stereo effects processors include COSM guitar multi-effects, Groove
effects, studio effects, Mastering Tool Kit and more
- CD Creation mode for writing directly to CD-R from stereo audio
inputs-perfect for re-mastering vinyl records or cassette tapes to CD