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Re: Requests for info

At 4:01 PM +0000 7/11/01, Brian Parker wrote:
>I joined the LD mailing list to discuss looping...All i want is new 
>perspectives on making phat loops from vinyl samples, and share what 
>i know.

That's a pretty wide open subject, and much depends on whether you 
intend to create the loops in advance and then play them back live, 
or whether you want to grab loops on the fly, during the performance.

Much also depends on your equipment. A good place to start might be 
to describe what you are using and how you have it hooked up, as well 
as what range of music you are mixing.

If you're doing primarily dance music, and you want your loops to be 
strictly synchronous with the beat, that presents one set of problems 
and opportunities. If you're doing ambient soundscapes, that presents 
another set.

Some of the issues are equipment issues, particularly if you need to 
establish and maintain tight sync between your CD and/or vinyl 
playback and your loops. Other issues arise from the way your 
equipment is interconnected. For instance, are you using dedicated DJ 
mixer, or do you have more routing and mixing flexibility? What 
signal processing are you using?

I'm a big fan of combining both parallel and serial processing, and I 
like to use a mixer with a lot of auxiliary sends so that I can 
change the routing at will. For instance, if you have just two 
processors - a looping device and a multieffects processor - and a 
small mixer you could patch the aux sends to the inputs of the two 
devices and patch their outputs back to mixer inputs and then run 
looper||FX, or looper>FX, or FX>looper.

Is that the sort of information you're after?

>However I do find that whole 'dj' topic a tad bit old and dry.

It is.


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202