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Re: OT: Pluggo queery and a request to create an OFF TOPICpool of interesting free/share ware plugins

Hi Rick,

As of about a month ago, the Windows version of MAX/MSP with Pluggo 
probably following shortly thereafter, were still in the alpha development 
phase. Which means that Beta testing isn't ready... so don't hold your 
breath! It's being worked on happily now though, so at least expect to see 
it... 8-) 

I'm harried for time so this will be short, but major KUDOS for a great 
show Monday eve at the Bass Loopfest! I especially enjoyed your 
contributions to the overall improvs and your solo set...


>>> GLOBAL@cruzio.com 07/11/01 02:15PM >>>
Pluggo has threatened for a long time to release a Windows version.  Does
anyone know if they have or if that is still in the works.
I'm so into the 'wierd' and indiosyncratic when it comes to processing (as
is my good friend and colleague, Miko B ;-) that I was very excited to hear
about Pluggo and it's whole community of grassroots plugin developers.

I think it would be very cool for everyone to share their resources
regarding free and shareware plugins for both PC and Mac.
We could even possibly create a special page at Loopers Delight (if that is
feasible, Kim ;-) for looping processing resoursces.

yours,  Rick Walker   (loop.pool)