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Re: What kinds of ReMixing are you doing in your live shows?

I heard you would be filming the Rio theater show, which sadly i was unable
to attend but at least saw san jose which was my into to modern looping and
the most inspiring thing I've seen. How could a person go about getting a
copy of that on VHS, as a big fat download, or on DVD at whatever a
reasonable price would be????

Also, typing in bass looping and your name on yahoo it looked like there
have been a lot of creative gigs you've been involved with in the area.

Please put me on whatever lists or anything that would increase the chance
of me knowing long enough in advance to attend your future gigs.

AMAZING!!!!!  When  you played the acoustics of the cafe after that mic 
out!!! People were laughing strictly in wonder at how you'd turned that
around and how great it sounded with the piece.

What an amazing performer/artist!

P.S. I'm sad to have missed Max's performance entirely 'cause of being late
to the San Jose show which I'm sure was amazing too!!( hopefully a video of
the Rio show from Monday will fix that?)

on 7/11/01 2:16 PM, Rick Walker (loop.pool) at GLOBAL@cruzio.com wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I am just now decompressing from the Bass Looping Tour which was so
> successful that I just can't get over it!!   I didn't have time to
> even dig into my new Electrix processors that I picked up dirt cheap so I
> can't wait to start learning them and incorporating them into
> my rig.