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Re: OT: Pluggo queery and a request to create an OFF TOPIC pool ofinteresting free/share ware plugins

Title: Re: OT: Pluggo queery and a request to create an OFF
At 2:15 PM -0700 7/11/01, Rick Walker (loop.pool) wrote:
Pluggo has threatened for a long time to release a Windows version.  Does
anyone know if they have or if that is still in the works.

From the Cycling74 Web site:

Q - Do you have plans to port your software to PC?

A - Yes, but unfortunately development has been delayed. Windows Max is currently in development. Windows MSP and Pluggo will follow. We do not have an expected release date for those products, yet. We have no current plans to port M to the PC.

That's what they've been saying for quite some time.


Richard Zvonar, PhD      
(818) 788-2202