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Re: The Dirt Cheap Electrix Gear...

Draka the Dragon is the large dragon sculpture that appeared at
burningman for the first time last year.  And by "large" I mean some
thing of the order of this beast was built on three bus chassis. The
creation of Lisa Nigro and (by now) a large team of others (I'm not
sure who's really responsible).  I don't know who Steve Stirling is, so
I can't answer that.

It will serve as the public transportation system this year at black
rock city
for burningman 2k1.

The benefit is a large party with DJs going all night. At midnite there
will be a little theatrical performance with fire spinners and such. 
I've assembled a small team of imrpov musicians to do the sound for
it. After the performance we'll play a little ten minute loop-based

For more into check out http://www.drakathedragon.org


> From: Steve Burnett <sburnett@webslingerz.com>
> Draka benefit? Hmm? Steve Stirling's Draka, or something else? Would you
> mind explaining what a Draka benefit is? Sounds like a cool use of the
> WarpFactory, by the way.
> thanks,
> Steve
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