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RE: QUEERY: What samplers are out there let you record andinstantaneously play back from a keyboard

>>Wow, that sounds like it could be immensely useful! How would the loop
>>length be determined for each key? Would it be the duration that you're
>>holding it down?

There are many samplers that support this ... it's called keymapping ...
although, the only models I know that do this are the higher end samplers 
EMU, Yamaha, and Akai, plus applications like Gigasampler. Some allow you 
pick a key range for the transpose to occur. I even think the Ensoniq ASR-X
supports this on it's small keypad. The samplers deal with the velocity
information of the sample once it's mapped.

The Ensoniq ASR-X and Yamaha SU700 allow real-time sampling with instant
playback. I'm not sure about the ASR-X, but the SU700 does not allow
real-time sampling when the sequencer is running though, so it takes it out
of contention as a true looping device. If you were looking for one-shot
hits, then it would work.