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Re: OT:OT:OT:Re: tesla questions (feedback mics/gtr)

sean_@mindspring.com writes:
>Not quite the same as a feedback mic, but Jim Thomas of the Mermen has
>strat(s) wired so that the midde pickup has its own dedicated output. 
>output goes to a volume pedal and overdrive so that he can conjure up
>feedback at will, independently of the other two pickups.
my (2) feedback mics are just that:
dedicated to feedback, & also for sampling whatever is happening 'in the 
room' through my looping rig/pedals/amps.
previously, i used these mics as add'l, external selectable inputs to the 
'rig'; now, they're built into my gtr, as well as an 'external input';
all these all are very quickly (ie, rhythmically) switchable.
dt / s-c