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Re: OT:Warr Questions

Who, me opinionated?  Off topic?  Hell, gear to loop with is right on topic
as far as I am concerned.

I've owned two Sticks during the last five years and currently using a 12
string.  I've never played a Warr but have seen Brian Kenny-Fresno play one
at least umpteen times.  (San Fransico bay area)

"Tone" is the major point of perceived difference between Sticks and Warrs
mostly because of the different hardware and pickups.  That and the fact
that a Warr, with that massive body, weighs considerably more than a Stick.
Warr fans claim the body provides the tone.  I feel that most of the tone 
dictated by the effects you pump the signal through.  I have heard both
Stick and Warr played clean and swear they both sound reasonably the same.

Other differences:  The fret board of a Stick is flat, the Warr is slightly
curved like a guitar.  Strings on a Stick are parallel whereas on a Warr
they flare out slightly towards the bridge.  The Stick is, how do you say,
kind of plain looking, the Warr is admittedly drop-jaw gorgeous in its
styling.  A 12 string Stick goes for about $2,000 new, the Warr around
$4,000.  I will remain a Stick player!

Two months ago I saw Emmett Chapman demo his new 10 string graphite Stick
with a newly designed passive pickup (see the www.stick.com web page for
more) and was nearly wetting my pants with desire.


The Stick, a bunch of FX units, and two EDP's has provided me with endless
musical fun and enjoyment.  That will only be topped, by spiritual
enlightenment, when my Againiator arrives.  The marketing rep told me
yesterday that it will dispense Whisky, Whiskey, and Aqua Vita depending on
how long you hold down the "Swill" button!


on 7/12/01 4:57 PM, Mark Landman at landman@wco.com wrote:

> Dear Looping Friends-
> Though I realize we are now all officially in Repeater lust again, I'd
> appreciate any of you with experience in Warr Guitar vs. Stick could 
> your knowledge with me..
> Basically I'm looking for opinions on relative merits, tone, sound, etc. 
> recognize Warr players will have one perception and Stickplayers another,
> and that's o.k. And if you've played/used both, that'd be even better!