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Re: OT:OT:OT:Re: tesla questions (feedback mics/gtr)

on 7/12/01 6:09 PM, Tim Nelson at tcn62@ici.net wrote:

> At 05:40 PM 7/12/01 -0700, you wrote:
>> Was the sustainiac the thing you mounted on the bridge of your guitar 
>> had little rubber toy monster truck looking wheels and kept the strings
>> vibrating physically,....?
> That was the Gizmo (Gizmotron? Something like that) by Godley and Creme 
> 10cc fame. I haven't seen one o' them critters in a loooong time.

No doubt, thanks for filling in the gaps in my memory!! (and Richard thanks
on the sustainic too!).

Would love to have these toys, and an ebow, and a hardware looper...

P.S. Since y'all remember the Gizmo, might anyone know how Steve Hackett 
the kind of sustain(the most graceful and thick, rich and chocolit 
feedback ever?) he used on the song "The Steppes"? could that really have
just been his marshall/Roland space echo/les paul combo or did he have some
kind of other magic box??????

:):)I'm just askin