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Re: OT:OT:OT:Re: tesla questions (feedback mics/gtr)

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Richard Zvonar wrote:

> At 5:40 PM -0700 7/12/01, glenn wrote:
> >Was the sustainiac the thing you mounted on the bridge of your guitar 
> >had little rubber toy monster truck looking wheels and kept the strings
> >vibrating physically, the thing that had a criver and a tube like a
> >"voice-box" only attached fully to the headstock of your guitar, or some
> >other kind of device??? can't remember?
> The Sustainiac is a transducer that feeds the guitar signal back into
> the instrument, either through a "pickup" that drives the strings
> electromagnetically, or through a driver that mounts on the head
> stock.
> Maniac Music is a small company in Indianapolis that invented and
> still manufactures the Sustainiac. As I understand it, they
> originally licensed the Sustainiac technology to Fernandes Guitars,
> but Fernandes realized they could design their own system and not
> have to pay royalties to Maniac Music. The Fernandes Sustainer is a
> essentially the same thing as the Sustainiac, without the good vibes.

And as of a few months ago (February, I believe) they had discontinued
production of the Sustainiac the model that clamped to the
headstock. The guitar pickup replacement design was still available.

I'd love to find a bass Gizmotron around - saw one last year and should
have bought it then.

Steve Burnett    Admin, webslingerZ     sburnett@webslingerz.com