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RE: Paia Electronic Kits etc.


I bought a few of the effects in the Craig Anderton range and mounted them
in a fracrack.  My experience with electronics is minimal, but if you just
be careful and follow the instructions closely, it turns out OK.  Its good
to perhaps know a little fault finding or circuit tracing in case things
don't work, but you can probably get by without.  All in all, I think they
are pretty good value.


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From: Tom Ritchford [mailto:tom@swirly.com]
Sent: Friday, 13 July 2001 12:57 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Re: Paia Electronic Kits etc.

PA5CALIO@aol.com wrote:

Hey Everyone,
I recently started checking out Paia's stuff (www.paia.com) they have
electronic kits to biuld lots of differnet electronic music equipment
(modular synth, synth, effects). A couple of questions have come into my
1) How difficult are these things to put together. I plan on building some
effects and a modular synthesizer from paia. I have very little experience.
Will this be impossible for me?

Answer: no. The kits are easy, you just have to be careful. Less careful
a lot of stuff involving modern microprocessors, even, they aren't QUITE as
sensitive to heat.

2) Are there places where I can get these kits for cheaper than paia? I 
started looking and haven't been really successful. Paia appears to offer
teh cheapest modular synth kit and their effects kits seem pretty cheap 
Thanks a lot every one!

I'd be shocked if you could get decent quality any cheaper than Paia.

They've been around forever, they're reputable, they started many a
young tinkerer down a solitary road filled with breadboards and metal

Their Theremin is supposed to be an amazing value, too!

I'd give them my top recommendation.


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