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Re: Paia Electronic Kits etc.

PA5CALIO@aol.com asked:
1) How difficult are these things to put together.  I plan on building some
effects and a modular synthesizer from paia.  I have very little 
Will this be impossible for me?

If you can play an instrument you have the manual dexterity to do this.  I
suspect the most complex aspects have to do with [a] learning to use a 12v
soldering iron/pencil, and [b] if you surpass the instructions and try to
read the schematics.  Either way PAIA's a great way to not only learn how 
do the above, but learn a bit more about how all this great stuff works.

2) Are there places where I can get these kits for cheaper than paia?

I don't think so.  Craig Anderton's designs are quiet for the money.  Their
cases have gotten better over the past 20 years too.

Stephen Goodman
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