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Re: Warr Questions


ask Emmet (Chapman),what opinion he has about the Warr-guitars.

Warr brought Emmet nearly to a position -a few years ago-where he 
really was nearly close to a decision to "burry" the Chapman Stick.

The Warr Guitars own a kind of Behringerism. ;-)

Fortunately Emmet continued his work.

For me,the injection molded Stick is my perfect beast.Maybe a little 
play also a Grand Stick
and a Stickbass.Missing in this collection is only the NS-Stick.

Mostly I use the Polycarbonate Stick.This is the Tool for all cases.Full 
splendid sound.
Perfect for looping and advanced Filtering.

Of course Stick and Warr-gits are not OT in LD.They are perfect for
loopers.With a wide range and
a wonderful sound,wich waits only to be looped andshaped again and again 


>Von: glenn <glenn234@pacbell.net>
>An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Betreff: Re: Warr Questions
>Datum: Fre, 13. Jul 2001 3:46 Uhr

>What's off topic about it? these are awesome original instruments and
>perfect for looping. Anyway, I'd love to hear more about this, please?
>on 7/12/01 4:57 PM, Mark Landman at landman@wco.com wrote:
>> Warr Guitar vs. Stick